10 Things to Do in a Crisis

Last week we spoke about finding yourself in a crisis. Many people will at some stage of their life suddenly realise that they have entered a foreign space of uncomfortable energy where certainty has flown out the window and our faith in mankind has been destroyed. Many people will at some stage of their life, find themselves in a moment where -everything you believed in comes crashing down. The structures of your mind often follow suit.

At this point it feels like “nothing will ever be the same”. Your mind will tell you, “how can it- this shouldn’t have happened.” Your mind’s picture of a ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ life does not include this in it. In fact this occurrence or happening may have been labelled as ‘completely unacceptable’ on a happiness scale. What is happening to you suddenly becomes so real and so intense- that you cannot see the next moment with any clarity- let alone any light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be a victim of crime, going through a separation, have found out someone close to you has betrayed you, lost custody of your children or any one of a million scenarios. One common theme amongst them all is that-“you did your best and now you are being dealt a huge injustice”.

You did not deserve this.

Nothing you did deserved this.

Someone in your pattern has acted out of an unconscious way, maybe even a criminal way and it is YOU now that has been handed the suffering. It is you that will have to pick up the pieces. It is you that will have to restore normality. It is you that will have to rebuild your life and/or that of your children and loved ones. Happiness now resides in another dimensional reality but duty and responsibility kicks in.

I have been there.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

A big, bright, shiny gush of light and happiness.

Just not right now.

Right now there are 10 things you need to keep telling yourself. Ten things to help you achieve your outcome and move toward your destination. Ten things that will keep you sane.

1) You are not the first to be going through this- and you won’t be the last. YOU WILL get through it. Bad times pass just like good times pass. How quickly it passes and where you end up depends on YOUR REACTION.

2) As horrific as your circumstances may be- seek justice NOT revenge. The Universe is very good at handing out justice and rewards.

3) The injustice you are now dealing with has probably put a knife through your heart. Stay in your heart as it will mend bigger and better than ever.

4) FIND GRATITUDE- There are millions of people going through worse than you. Be thankful for the circumstances that are working in your favour- the people around you, the resources you have and the opportunities that present with ease.

5) Remember-“Live by the sword- die by the sword”. Don’t do things out of character because you are angry. Take action by all means and do what you must for protection, safety and resolution but not as an act of ‘reaction to unconscious’ behaviour. Refrain from being drawn into the unconscious ways of others. Stay in the moment and see the behaviour that has caused you all this suffering for what it really is- “unconscious behaviour”. The egoic mind running wild.

6) Find a good counsellor, or friend that can assist you through the process. Find someone that can be with you to help clear your thoughts, and make sense of what is happening to you and around you. Confide in someone that can support you whilst you ride on the biggest emotional roller-coaster of your life.

7 ) Accept what is happening to you- and like I have said in my book “The Spiritual Dimension”- try to refrain from going into the “poor-me scenario”. Ok you are allowed to feel sorry for yourself for a day but then it’s time to “toughen up princess”. Time to become strong not mean.

8) When you find you are blaming yourself for not joining the dots, for the times that something did not make sense OR wishing you had done things differently or taken action to prevent this occurrence- AND YOU WILL DO THIS! REMEMBER THIS- You did the best you know given YOUR level of awareness or consciousness. Just like the perpetrator in your scenario is doing the best they know given their level of awareness or consciousness. If criminal behaviour is part of your scenario- I am not condoning criminal behaviour- I am merely making sense of it. I am adding this in because many readers who will find themselves in a crisis might be a victim of crime and I do not want to justify in any way the behaviour of some “unworthy souls”. I am only interested in ensuring that “YOUR AWARENESS RAISES”.

9) Very often when we are made to accept an injustice a dimension opens up in you to which you previously had no access.

10) Last week we talked about, “Finding yourself in a crisis” and that is exactly what you will do:


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  • Sally
    Posted at 15:46h, 05 March Reply

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Such good information.

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 15:53h, 05 March Reply

      Thank you Sally

  • Annette Spano
    Posted at 00:58h, 06 March Reply

    A helpful blog that shows better ways to cope and heal. Thanks.

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