Tania’s Textbook is a textbook to happiness. Each week your life coaching session is delivered to your PC.  Each entry constitutes real life situations and examples.  The weekly entry will leave a positive inspirational mark on your thinking.  Over time this small change will grow into a larger shift in your thoughts, leading to a happier state of being.  Just like counselling but with no need to leave your home.

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Author, Councellor, Life Coach

Hi. I’m Tania, author of “The Spiritual Dimension”. I have a Psychology degree from The University of Western Australia. Throughout my career, I worked in various positions in the Government from social policy researcher, process developer, administrator to liaison and grants officer. Most of my free time was spent reading spiritual literature and attending various retreats and presentations.

In 2007 on account of my thoughts and reaction to an extraordinary set of stressful circumstances, I developed what is called “Panic Attack Disorder”.

I turned to my own field of psychology and found that it did not seem to be of any assistance without taking medication. All my life prior to the onset of this “anxiety disorder”, I was a strong advocate for drug-free healing for depression and anxiety.

Until it happened to me!

I was like an octopus with 8 hands, all reaching out to take “ANYTHING” that would “get me out of this state”.

There was a brief moment when I suddenly felt like I was being asked to ‘practice what I had been preaching’ all these years. “Put my money where my mouth is” – so to speak.

I took the challenge.

I turned to my spiritual literature and found that it had served as mental entertainment and inspiration without any real change. Until I discovered the “access point” as I call it.

I wanted to share this discovery with everyone, gifting them with all the books and CDs that were instrumental in this process, but found –

Nobody read them.

They were either “in no state to read”, “too hard to understand” or most often had either never read a book in their lifetime or at best only ever read a few books.

So “The Spiritual Dimension” was written to navigate people to an access point for change, via comical pictures”.

I found that, although the book was primarily written to make simple the important spiritual messages of our time, by many of the great teachers – it attracted many people in states of depression and anxiety, many of whom contacted me, and some of whom undertook a strengthening or deepening of this dimension.

Throughout my journey, many people asked me for a forum to receive reminders, or in which questions and discussions could take place with likeminded people.

And so the blog was created. This blog is a journey through everyday life. Most of us will be living ordinary lives. Unlike the perception of many lives we follow on Instagram and Facebook. However, amongst this seemingly unsensational, boring and unfair existence is a ‘perfection’. This ‘perfection’ is clouded by our mind’s reaction to the events and a labelling of ‘good or bad’. Our thoughts then determine our actions. The way our life should be happening, according to the mind is at variance with the reality in which we feel so completely “stuck”.

This journey is about gaining control of our thoughts, changing our thoughts about our everyday stressors. Thinking with our hearts and changing our reactions.

Realising that we all belong to the same race- the human one.

But we are not doing this alone. Collectively we will change our thoughts and reactions and as our inner states change we will watch our outer world reflect this change. Together we will discover the perfection that lies beneath our seemingly “unsensational” lives and watch them blossom toward our dreams, or watch the peace that we can still maintain, in what may have previously been labelled as “chaotic” circumstances.

Things will still happen that will challenge you and annoy you, yet you will recognise their significance in opening you up to your purpose:

To find “YOU”
The world is changing. This change starts with “YOU”.
Welcome to my Blog
Thank you for joining us and Please Enjoy!