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I have talked about Dark Places or Depression and/or Anxiety for the last 3 posts and although there was an overwhelming readership, there were very few comments.  I welcome any and all genuine comments and will respond to all genuine comments if requested to do so.  Please remember that in order to leave a comment, you must complete a sum to ensure authenticity, otherwise the comment wont post.

In all the posts I referred to the importance of controlling your thoughts, so I want to take this opportunity to go back to the basics as was previously discussed at the beginning of this journey.

I want to reiterate on the simple exercises that can assist in taming the mind.  I usually give my clients no more than 5 simple exercises, over the course of their treatment. This usually includes 2 exercises aimed at removing guilt or regret from their subconscious mind, if I find that these emotions are stunting their progress or causing anxiety to surface.   I explain to my clients that whilst these exercises are simple exercises, they go a long way in increasing our presence or depth of presence.  Because they are simple, the mind labels them as boring and useless, but it is this over chatty mind that they are designed to quieten.  I call them “exercising your spirit”.

Throughout your day, one of the best things you can do is to constantly bring your focus to your inner being.  This helps you pull out of the absorption of thought, so that instead of putting the “consciousness that you are” into creating thought forms you are becoming aware of yourself and connecting with being.

I say to my clients, “Everything you needed I gave you in your first visit”.  The reason they have returned each week is because we are creatures of habit, and it takes time and constant reminding to incorporate these little exercises into our pattern.

Sometimes you can provide insurmountable evidence, yet the instigation of a particular measure or behavioural change can take up to 10 visits before a client will report that they have finally decided to take on a particular directive in this regard.

For this reason I feel it is necessary to remind everyone of the importance in undertaking the following 3 exercises aimed at quietening the mind.

It is a good idea to get one of those note pads with dividers separating each section.  Label each section with one of the following 3 exercises respectively and do them every night.

Bringing your focus to your inner body is one that you can actually do at any time of the day.  The aim here is to increase the space between thoughts- see how many breathes you take without your mind starting to move.

Another thing that you can do is the “delete the past- delete the future and concentrate on what’s left” exercise as depicted in The Spiritual Dimension.   This is a great exercise to train your mind to focus on the “NOW”.


The next or second exercise is best done first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.  It is particularly good if you are seeking a change in behaviour or in a belief about yourself.  I am a big believer in affirmations but I usually only have my clients do one, and it is always worded in a way that states the end or desired result of what we are aiming to achieve like – it’s happening now.

For example, if  you have a problem sleeping at night, your affirmation would be: “I am now sleeping like a log.”   To this end I tell my clients that when anybody enquires about their progress, I suggest they say, “They are getting better every day”.   The notion of “fake it ‘till you make it”.  It’s like you have heard in The Secret.

Most of you would have heard people refer to “ask and you shall receive”   In The Lost Mode of Prayer, Gregg Braden points out that when you pray, you must ask as if you already have it and then you shall receive.  He talks about how the part, “as if you already have it” was removed from the Bible on account of it being deemed that it would give the masses too much power.  He talks about the holographic nature of the Universe reflecting on earth as it is in Heaven.  So the key is to imagine what you want as if you already have it.  And of course as the famous book, The Secret points out, “it is the feeling” that is the vehicle to its creation- or as Gregg Braden says, “As if you already have it”.  The example he uses is that when people pray for money, they pray from a position of lack, with its associated distress, as opposed to one of abundance with its associated bliss.  This explains why most people who pray for money don’t actually receive it.

This is the reason affirmations are so powerful and need to be worded like they are happening NOW.

The third exercise is a simple entry each night of something that happened in the day for which you are grateful.  The mind tends to magnify its thoughts so by focussing on the positive, the mind creates more of the positive, but when we focus on the negative then of course we magnify the negative.

These simple exercises can take you a long way toward taming an overactive mind and allowing you to become ‘connected to being’ as the Spiritualists call it.

So have you been exercising your spirit lately?
Photography by MDH and Fagun Mishra.
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    Fantastic advice and explained clearly….

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    Great advice Thankyou very much

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