Darker Places


fter the overwhelming response to last week’s post, “Dark Places”, I decided that we should probably spend a little longer on this topic.

There’s probably a lot more that could be said that might assist your transition to a brighter place.

Well firstly, “You’re definitely not alone here.” Many people have been in this space and many people given the right information, tools and assistance have gladly left this state of mind.

And “State of Mind”- is exactly what it is. It’s not YOU or the essence of YOU. It’s your mind deciding to take over and run your show. It may have even taken over with a force which you find impossible to control. It may have rendered you petrified of the moment, petrified to be alone. It may have you feeling caged and like a trapped bird.  You may even feel like your connection to the whole has been severed. Either way – the real “YOU” needs to come forward and emerge from the quicksand that has temporarily sucked you in.

So how did this happen? Well firstly you are believing you are your mind and secondly you are believing in everything it’s telling you and right now it’s being fuelled by an awful lot of FEAR.  Fear in itself is “False-Evidence-Appearing-Real”, but can do so much damage- because WE LET IT!

So we need to take control of our thoughts and we do this by watching them and by not energising them.

Throughout this journey, I have and will continue to post exercises designed to help you pull out of the absorption into your mind. Exercises designed to help you to quieten your mind.  Simple, fun, exercises aimed at helping you gain control of your thoughts. Exercises easily incorporated into your everyday living.

By gaining control of your mind or slowing down the movement within it – you will start to become YOU again and experience yourself beyond your form.  This will bring new meaning to that age ol’ saying we hear over and over again; “The JOY of being.”

Of course at any time if you feel you need professional assistance, please seek it because the only thing you’re lacking is information and the right tools.

If you’re reading this post- then you’ve probably ended up in this state via information overload- and I am very conscious not to overload you now.

In my book, “The Spiritual Dimension”- there are some great pictures that many of you would relate to, especially if you’re not much of a reader. However, if you don’t have the book then until next post, try to be the observer of the thoughts playing through your mind.



Remember: as spiritual Masters tell us:

In our darkest times, we still carry a light within us and the pain is breaking the shell that encloses this understanding.
Photography by MDH and Fagun Mishra.
  • Rouchelle
    Posted at 13:22h, 26 February Reply

    Love your book ….. helps get you out of the head space and into heart … teaches you to be real…:) xox

  • furtdsolinopv
    Posted at 16:58h, 15 May Reply

    Thank you, I’ve just been looking for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive about the supply?

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