Finding your Destiny

Sometimes I have clients tell me that they feel like they are not doing what they came to this earth to do.  They feel a mismatch between what they are doing and what they should be doing.  I often get told, “I feel like this is not ‘me’ and I should be doing ‘something else’ but I don’t know what that is.”  They feel like they need a change but feel quite lost as to where to focus their efforts and energy.  I suppose you could say they are searching for their destiny.

If this resonates with you then this sudden or increasing unease could mean that on a spiritual level old patterns of behaviour are no longer serving you and you are searching for something more suited to the evolving “you”.  It could be the case that a change of work role would enable you to be a better distributor of your spiritual energy.

If you think about it, we all have a unique set of talents and abilities and when we use these in a work role that is in alignment with our purpose then the resulting fulfilment means that, ‘you will never feel like you are working’. So spending some time and effort in finding the exact role or avenue which best suits your personality and uniqueness, is probably a very worthwhile exercise.

If you feel this describes you then there are 4 questions you should ask yourself that might help shed some light on a possible new avenue for you to pursue.

I have found that the following questions can help to figure out where it is you should be or what it is you should be doing for a job that would be most suited to your personality.

Firstly- when your friends call you for a chat or for your advice, what is it they want to chat about, or need advice on?  For example: Do they always ring you when they are down, in the hope of feeling better with your advice?  Or do they ring you when they are down because you’re they only one willing to offer your time and patience to hear them out?   Are the friends that call you seeking advice, knowledge on a topic, information, comfort, entertainment, or maybe they are seeking some physical help?  Are they calling you to provide a different perspective, pass time or for fun?  So the topic people often call you about and the reasons they choose you, are two of the first things that will give you some insight into what it is people value in you and what you are probably very good at.

Secondly- go to your bookshelf.  What is the main theme or topic of the books contained on these shelves?  This will give you a glimpse of what it is you are passionate about, and probably sheds some light on the field or angle your work should take.  Maybe view this as the field in which your skill set might be best utilised.  It may be the tools or uniqueness you add to your work.

The third question to ask yourself is: “What have you ended up doing a lot of in your life that you didn’t initially like or want to do?   It may be that it was initially not your strong point- but  now you have become pretty good at it.  It may be the case that your first few jobs required this skill or ability. Often we choose our work but sometimes the Universe chooses ‘you’.

Lastly, what do you literally waste time doing because you LOVE IT!  What is it you can’t seem to pull yourself away from because it absorbs you and makes you feel happy and even alive.  No matter how much time you waste- you don’t feel like it’s a waste because you are so passionate about it, whereas others might see your interest as a bit excessive.  How can you work this into your trademark or product?

Write down the answers to these questions and read your responses over and over.  Try meditating on them.  If you’re not one to meditate then just sit quietly and in a moment of relaxation- allow the answer to come to you.   You may need to tweak your responses until the final picture is so clear that your next step is to move toward it’s creation.  Even if you can’t see the entire path ahead, you will invariably recognise the next step toward your goal as it shines brightly in front of you.


I hope this helps shine the torch on what it is you should be doing or where it is you might be heading.

Happy Destiny Hunting
Photography by Fagun Mishra
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