Finding yourself in a Crisis

It’s been some time since I posted. I began the year 2019 talking about it as “the year of New Beginnings”, not really realising how much shifting of energy was going to take place in not only my life but those around me.

By shifting of energy, I mean the crashing of our realities or circumstances. By shifting of energy, I mean, the deterioration of our wellbeing, the sudden instability of our financial house and of course the collapse of our mental health. All happening now- singularly or concurrently. We have all probably noticed some signs or patterns of behaviour, pointing down this road- but how abruptly did we get there!

No longer can we deny the changes we should have made or instigated for others. No longer can we ignore our previous use of our greatest resource “our time and energy”- and ask ourselves, “did we channel it wisely?’

On reflection we might find that we were wasteful, spending this time in distraction of our issues or a little self-absorbed in our own needs and wants or beliefs on how life “SHOULD BE” and not attending to the real needs of others and ourselves.

Sometimes in life, we will find ourselves in a crisis situation in which we will feel completely stripped. We will feel as though we have been pulled back to a place of uncertainty and instability.  A place where the mind will get sick of going around in circles trying to gain some certainty that clearly does not exist. A place where the only way to function successfully is to cease all redundant mind movement and concentrate on your inner being. A place where the only right action comes from “love”.

If this is happening in your reality then firstly you are not the first to be going through this and you certainly won’t be the last. I guarantee though- you will get through it and you can turn it into a positive.

These situations in life draw us back so far, usually to gain momentum to pole vault us to a new dimensional reality which we would not have attained at the pace at which we were travelling or the level of consciousness at which we were operating. Suddenly our eyes have become wide open- we have STOPPED and been forced to only see the next moment- not the next twenty years. We are living in the present moment.

Have you noticed how every resource comes your way. People and things appear as you need them with ease. So for any readers out there who are currently in a crisis situation and for those who now have found themselves reading this post- Allow and accept everything that is happening in your reality, as Eckhart Tolle says: “as if you chose it”.

Embrace it and try to put up “no resistance” as your pot of gold is sitting at the other side.
The less resistance, mental and/or physical you provide, the quicker you will get to that pot of gold. The more you complain, swear and mentally oppose this happening- the greater the distance you create to this “pot of gold”. Sometimes so much resistance and mental opposition to “what is happening“ is created that this ”pot of gold” is never realised.

Of course you’re pot of Gold is your attainment of that which has collapsed or the building of the new. Whatever circumstances have been revealed or manifested that you are currently dealing with – you will find that you are either moving toward something new or away from the old. The higher level of consciousness or presence you are now opening up to, will ensure that wherever you land it will lead to happiness and spiritual growth.  No longer will you live through mental concepts of yourself and others.  You will find a deeper connection with your being and others.

The Greatest Gift of all!


Photography by MDH
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