Gaining Control of your Thoughts

Over the course of this journey, we will gain more and more control of our thoughts. You will find less movement in your head and a greater sense of presence or being.

The best way to start is to begin with watching your thoughts. Sometimes if your thinking is excessive, it helps to write your thoughts down on paper. As described in “The Spiritual Dimension”, be the observer of stream of energy running through your head.

Then practice pulling out of your thoughts by bringing your attention to your inner body.

Try and do this regularly and you will start to control your thinking.

As we spoke about earlier, once you have some level of control over your thoughts, then you are in a better position to change your thinking.

It is important to always remember that the mind by its very nature and structure likes complexity. The more complex the solution, the more the mind believes that it will have a greater likelihood to induce change. In reality it is the simple solutions that lead to the biggest changes in stepping out of the overthinking game.

After you have put your attention into your inner-body: – TAKE ONE CONSCIOUS BREATH!

That’s it.

Try this for 1 week, whenever you remember, every couple hours would be fantastic. Let me know how you go.

Photography by MDH
  • Annette
    Posted at 13:56h, 15 October Reply

    Good advice and guidance …and easy enough to do, will give it a go

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 13:33h, 18 December Reply

      Thankyou Annette

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