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I f you are part of the Tania’s Textbook Journey you will know that we mostly provide medicine for your mind, and every now and then we deviate to love your body or soothe your soul.

Each week I post a picture so that the weekly feed or teaching is easily identified.

Now and then I receive a comment about the article; yet, more often I will receive many comments, mostly private, in regard to my jewellery.

It may have become obvious to many that I LOVE JEWELLERY.

I believe jewellery completes your outfit and allows you to make your own individual artistic expression.

I am a huge THOMAS SABO fan, amongst many other brands and collections. I love to mix things up- my way.

I have also been asked from where I make my jewellery purchases. I actually do buy most of my jewellery on-line and I can relate to the hesitation in buying on-line in terms of quality, legitimacy, customer service and professionalism.


Their customer service is second- to-none, with pieces being delivered promptly and looking more exquisite than is viewed on line. They provide authentic pieces with associated cards and wrapping.

There is nothing more exciting than opening the door to the Postie holding my ICE-on-line Jewellery Package.

You can view their beautiful and adorable pieces by clicking HERE

The wonderful news is that when I asked them if I could mention them in my blog, for the readers that have asked me about my jewellery, they offered my readers a 20% discount off their purchases by using the Coupon Code: TANIA20

So as you’ve heard one million times in your life and are about to hear again:


What are you waiting for?


Photography by MDH
  • Marie Patiniotis
    Posted at 18:37h, 16 May Reply

    You always look great ! x

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 20:07h, 16 May Reply

      Thank you Marie

    Posted at 21:51h, 16 May Reply

    Love your jewelry ?. I just check out ice on-line – thank you for introducing me to this site I love it. They have an among choice … that’s where my next pay check is going ?????

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 09:01h, 17 May Reply

      They are amazing. You will be very happy. Enjoy!

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