The Awakening on the Planet

We  have all heard about “awakening” and “the new consciousness”. There are many sites that offer spiritual teachings and understanding. There are countless Instagram accounts that provide positive messages and the words of our spiritual masters.

Yet outside of spiritual forums, no one really talks about the awakening of the human consciousness on the planet. No one ever talks about (especially in the media), the requirement for us to awaken to our true nature and act from this awakened state and not from the egoic state that views us as separate. No one acknowledges that peace will arise on the planet from our big hearts and not our big guns.

I was invited to participate as a panellist on the longest running panel show in Australia, Sweet and Sour whereby each panellist responds to letters forwarded by the viewers.

Tania’s Textbook is about providing inspiration designed to unite us more so than an opinion that divides us, and further, Tania’s Textbook will as much as possible, attempt to refrain from viewpoints that will trigger negative reactions in others.

Change the world by focussing on the good and not criticising the bad.  I believe we will never solve problems from the consciousness that created them.  They will only be replaced with a different problem.

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So next time you are in a situation whereby everyone has varying opinions

Give them a healthy dose of your Inspiration


Photography by MDH and Fagun Mishra
  • Annette
    Posted at 15:43h, 04 August Reply

    A Great prompt to inspire the heart and ways forward

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