The Coronavirus- Who is Right?

Right now we are in a very important moment in time.  Most people are experiencing fear on many different levels.  Fear of catching the virus, fear of whether their immunity would be strong enough, fear of losing their job, fear of being able to pay their bills, fear of having enough food and fear of other people not doing the right thing, (from their perspective and what it is they believe).

As if the Coronavirus wasn’t enough to divide people physically, emotionally and psychologically yet now people are divided mentally on how this happened, why this happened, who is to blame and what constitutes “the right course of action.”

Many people coming from a spiritual perspective are saying that it is nature’s way of restoring the earth.  Nature has metaphorically sent the children to their rooms to ponder what they have done to this beautiful home.  It is evidenced by the cleaner air in China, the less polluted canals and many other pictures of the restoration of nature in action.

Yet there are others who will claim that this event has been in manifestation for centuries and prophesied, with biblical references to the dark days on earth where we are instructed to lock ourselves in our homes and “fear not”.  Those who are “prepared” will make it to ‘The New Earth”.

Most of us, however, live in a society in which we buy into a mainstream “narrative”.  I don’t need to give you an example because you can turn on any television channel and you will be given different versions of the same narrative 24 hours a day. You will also receive much evidence to support this narrative.

There a few people, who don’t buy into a mainstream narrative and spend their lives collecting data that shows that sometimes we are not told “the exact truth”.  At different times they have revealed for us that we were told either a version of the truth, the half-truth or a complete non-truth.

These people refer to those who willingly accept the dominant narrative, as people who have invested in a lifetime membership to the school of naivety, comfortably occupying the front row armchair and refusing to budge.  Conversely, those who dare question  the narrative being fed to the public are labelled, “conspiracy theorists”.

The “conspiracy theorists” tell us to look at the outcome and you’ll understand the events as they transpired. They believe the problems are created by the people who offer the solutions and by those who will benefit the most.  The “conspiracy theorists tell us that the techniques utilised are always the same with the ‘all-time greatest weapon’ being to ‘create fear’. This leads to more control and more wealth into the hands of those who already own most of it.

Very broadly, the “conspiracy theorists” tell us that this is all happening because the world can’t sustain its inhabitants beyond the year 2030 and this is a deliberate attempt to depopulate and create a society similar to that in the hunger games.  They speak of the Cult (the 1% of the population that own 97% of the wealth) as making your average psycho look like ‘Mary Poppins’

This is evidenced by research showing that immunisations have slowly reduced our immunity and those affected most by the Coronavirus are those who have been getting immunised. They tell us that the fear will be so great that everyone will want to get the vaccine to the Coronavirus, which will be the final stage of their world depopulation agenda.

They evidence their theories by showing how medical beliefs do not all conform to the dominant narrative, yet it is the ones that conform that receive funding and become adopted.  People that hold a different opinion (for example the mothers who did not want their children vaccinated), not only do not receive the Government bonuses, but also get dehumanised in many areas of society.

On Tania’s Textbook today, I want to propose that maybe we are all right and maybe we are all wrong.

I refer now to a story I heard many years ago when a father blindfolded his 4 boys and stood them in front of an elephant. One boy was given the tail in his hands whilst another held the elephant’s tusk. The third boy had his hand on the elephant’s ear whilst the fourth had his hand in the elephant’s skin.

The father asked each boy to describe the object. Obviously each description was completely different.  The father said to the boys, “you are all wrong and you are all right” as he removed their blinds.

You see we all have a version of the truth, but it is our collective versions that make the absolute.

The boy describing the elephant by only having access to the tusk had a completely different opinion to the boy who described the elephant by having his hand on the elephant’s body.  Even though their opinions were diametrically opposed, they were both right and both wrong.

It really doesn’t matter which scenario is real, the dominant narrative or whether it be nature’s way of restoring or ‘the powers that be’ gaining ultimate control.  This coronavirus pandemic real or imaginary- has left us submerged in fear and is dividing us more every day.

There is only one way out- and that’s to rise out of chaos.

The person who believes in the conspiracy theory is trying to prevent fascism and might be strolling in the park when restrictions are placed. Show compassion not anger toward this person. The person locked in their house is doing their best to stop the spread of the virus- show them compassion. And to the person submerged in complete fear who acts in a self-serving way- show them compassion.

It seems to me that compassion can only be found for people who have died or when they are severely disadvantaged and most people will use their own situation as a gauge to whether a person deserves their compassion.  Compassion seems nowhere to be found when someone holds an opposing belief or behaves in a manner that contravenes their belief system of “what is right”. Compassion that is easy to muster is not the compassion I am talking about. Showing compassion when it is hard because it opposes our belief systems is the compassion we need now.

It is through compassion that we harness the invisible part of our human being that is eternal, powerful and can create far better than our minds that got us into this mess in the first place.

It is via this “invisible” part of our being that we will form the most powerful weapon against this “invisible war” An invisible war that can only be fought with “big hearts’ not “big guns”.

This is not a time to fear.

We should all be rejoicing that we are all here, right now- witnessing “the greatest show on earth”.

We created this together. We cannot solve problems from the consciousness that created the problem.  Everyone is looking up to our leaders and waiting for the change to trickle down. We need to solve this one bottom –up.  It starts with YOU!

STAY PRESENT- Strengthen your attachment to being and raise your consciousness or as a wise man once said:

Make sure there is enough oil burning in your lantern!

  • anne.
    Posted at 04:03h, 24 March Reply

    Wow heavy on so many levels, I fit into one of your categories in which I read and reread focusing on your wise words. Thank you once again, looking forward to your next blog.

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