The New Earth

It’s been a long time since I last posted.  I have been researching current events so I could bring my readers ‘the closest scenario to the truth’ as possible. The world developments move so fast that by the time I am ready to report my findings, they are replaced with a higher version of the truth. As of today, I will touch base more frequently with my followers so that we can transgress to the New Earth together.

For most of my life, I have spoken about a “GREAT AWAKENING” happening to a consciousness in or near you.” Little did I know how this was about to play out.  At the beginning of 2020, I suddenly realised that awakening was no longer a spiritual ideal but a human imperative.

We are currently witnessing the unfolding of the biblical prophecies. The time of evil rule has come to an end -and the polarities are about to undertake a 180 degree flip. Of course there will still be evil or unconsciousness in our world, however, the powers that run the world will be motivated by righteousness and the good of humanity.  For over 100 years, change has occurred from top-down. The developments and Leaders in the world and on this Earth have been devoid of righteousness and the decisions have been motivated by greed and self-serving interests without a single thought for humanity. Over the next 10 years we will learn of the atrocities, the inhumane practices and the down-right evil that has been happening right in front of our eyes. We will learn of control that had been taken of our minds, bodies and now of our spiritual house.

Currently, the movement of “the dark rulers” has entered our spiritual zone. It has been a deliberate attempt to take GOD from us and ensure we never reach our promised land. The GOD that dwells in all of us has arisen and said to this evil reign, “Your time is up- LOVE always WINS.”

You may have experienced this as a war on consciousness, with a complete disrespect for human rights and a justification from the very people who are losing their freedom for the illusion of safety. This has caused a “great divide”  See Earlier Post- [HERE].  My earlier posts have emphasised the importance of staying loving and respectful of the narratives that drive people’s behaviour patterns. This division has also been foretold in the Bible. Never before have I seen so many people dig out their Bibles in search of answers and hope.

We currently stand at the brink.

We are at a very important time in our history. We are at a time now where we must make our choice. We are now choosing the future we want for this earth.

Do we choose RIGHTEOUSNESS or do we choose Left Brain indoctrination?

Righteousness means everyone is equal.  No one is above and no one is below anyone.

No one has the right to decide what is better for another person and we must always remain respectful of the rights and free will of every person. No one under stands (stands under) anyone else and every human is recognised as a living person made in God’s image.

An ex CIA agent once said that a lifetime of injections, spoiled food and indoctrination will slowly destroy the masses, and they will think they are happy because they are told that they are.

Right now we are watching the grand finale of the Old Earth and parallel to that is the New Earth in creation.

Progression to a new earth involves the requirement for each of us to consciously choose “righteousness”. It is also represented by a shift from Left to Right Brain dominance.   “Cast thy net to the right” for those who prefer the biblical reference. This is God’s way now.  Many developments are in the pipeline to assist this shift and assist us to move into “the Golden Age”.

The change will happen from the bottom- and filter up, which means it won’t be seen until it has arrived. No one will report on it because we have learned to be looking ‘up and out’ for change.

Real, lasting change happens from the very bottom-and filters up.

This means it starts with YOU. The change happens within YOU.

For the first time you may realise-:

JUST HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE to the creation of our New Earth.

Over the course of time, I will post each week- expanding on points included within this spiritual SNAPSHOT. Many people like tangible and factual information supporting the evil agenda, together with confirmations of goodly, Godly movements riding on the back of this “spiritual war”.

If you are a follower of Tania’s Textbook, then you would already have awakened or are in the process of this transformation. Always remember that Tania’s Textbook is not about having followers- it’s about us all becoming MASTERS TOGETHER.


So to all of you Apprentices, Followers and Masters



  • Chan
    Posted at 20:27h, 03 September Reply

    Great post. Freedom being lost for the feeling of safety! Economies destroyed and human rights taken away. I worry for the future of our children if people don’t wake up

  • an
    Posted at 20:44h, 08 September Reply

    Tania, It is imperative that ppl awaken in order for them to see the beauty in our world and to be kind to all of OUR humanity.
    All slow down and make time for yourself to reap the worlds goodness, , focus only on the good and reject any wrong doings.
    Tania I am inspired and thank you for your wisdom on all your blogs, Please keep them coming, I love them.

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