The Goal of Life is ?

Last week [HERE], I spoke about how it is important to consciously stay in the moment.  In other words, be mindful or stay in presence as others call it.  I talked about how people will agree that life is precious, however will spend their time in unconscious distraction.  We have a limited amount of time on this planet so as the spiritual teachers tell us “invest it in something worthwhile.”

These teachings point to the idea that if we keep focussed on something-“anything we choose” – then we will be “alive”.  In other words, if we don’t invest in something worthwhile then it is like throwing this limited time away –AND that would not suggest that life is precious.

Now I am going to give you something else to add to this that may seem contradictory but in actual fact leads us down the same path- an inward journey to the discovery of “YOU”.

I posted a blog earlier [HERE], quoting the words of OSHO that I actually saw for the first time in an Instagram post.  For those of you who follow OSHO teachings then you will know that he also teaches that:

Life is its own goal
There’s nothing outside life that you have to achieve
What you achieve doesn’t matter
An achievement: money, power, knowledge, prestige- won’t give you life
In achieving any ambition, you are losing your life


I hope you can amalgamate these ideas and let them take you deep within.  The deeper you go the closer you’ll come to your greatest discovery:

The experience of YOU


Photography by MDH
  • Annette
    Posted at 20:05h, 31 October Reply

    So helpful to be reminded of the preciousness of life and being conscious of how we choose to live it.

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