EVERYTHING we believe is messed-up

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Last week we talked about the path to “Truth”.

Someone asked me, “How do you know what is, or isn’t truth?”

Firstly, always do your own research to back up anything you hear. If you are operating from only a Left-Brain, then you can make anything sound like “truth”. However, most seekers will be opening to Right hemispheric Brain usage and will just resonate with “the Truth”.

Now here is why we get so much division. The people completely indoctrinated will say:

“Vibrating to the truth is hocus pocus- you need good solid scientific research.”

Yet those who have formally operated with the solid scientific research notion and have also now expanded their consciousness will tell you that resonating to the truth is more powerful.  Also, those who have expanded their consciousness are now able to see the huge limitations of Left Brain indoctrination.

Specifically- cutting you off completely from the divine.

In our society, we see the division as “sheeple” and “conspiracy theorists”.

Most of us were “sheeple”- for 100 years at least.

We went along with things, believing what we were told and not realising we were operating within an Agenda.  Once you know the Agenda- every single thing that has happened makes sense. In fact, you can predict it’s occurrence with almost perfect accuracy. To those “scientific” folk, the one’s that demand proof, with proof specifically meaning seeing it on mainstream media, nothing makes sense. It is all disjointed and haphazard.

Now here is a key worth thinking about:

“Everyone started as a sheeple before they were converted to a conspiracy theorist.  Once you become a conspiracy theorist you NEVER migrate back to sheeple or mainstream. “

WHY?- because the truth lingers.  Once you see it- there’s no going back.

The title of this Blog is “everything is messed up”. The title specifically points to the fact that the truth has always been hidden from us. This is why when people started seeing the truth and alluding to it – they became labelled as conspiracy theorists. This way the truth is again hidden from plain sight.

Misinformation is one more way, out of a million already in operation that the establishment utilises to control the masses. Turning the truth upside down is another way they (the establishment), not only mock us, but also keep us out of alignment with “the truth”. Keeping powerful information for their “exclusive use” and further, completely misusing it toward their own selfish ends, with no regard for humanity, is another way to keep humanity supressed.

This is not how our creator intended it to be for Mankind.

One minute example is in a very well-known phrase from the Bible. Everyone is familiar with the notion of “ask and you shall receive.”  However originally, it read, “ask as if you already have it- and you shall receive.” Suddenly, when you omit that little phrase “as if you already have it”, the power has also been removed because in conscious manifestation, the feeling is more important than the request.  In other words, if you were to pray for money, then most people would pray from a position of lack and be begging or wishing for more money, which would not be very powerful. If you were to pray like you already had it then you would be blissful, whist visualising a loads of money.

Of course this is only an example; the real extent the establishment has gone to keep power from the individuals is beyond the purpose of this blog post.

At this point in the post I had originally provided a snapshot of what was really happening in the world, and why these so-called “conspiracy theorists”, are jumping up and down. I decided to remove it on the grounds that, it is a topic to be introduced very delicately.


It has become so complicated to tell the truth. Why? – Because of how far we have fallen from the truth. How disconnected people have become from understanding, knowing and recognising, “the truth”. Furthermore, it has become difficult to tell the truth because how people react to the truth has become difficult to manage.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have deliberately been misguided and misinformed. They have used ‘language’ to secretly engage us in a system, to keep us in their control and the world’s wealth in their hands. They designed a system that they placed over us, that not only cut us off from our birth rights under God’s Law, but specifically put us directly within their control.  A system that ensured we felt powerless and ensured that the fruits of our labour became their gain. It was a system based on “GREED and SELFISHNESS”.  A system in which the honest, righteous and talented soul could not succeed as it did not align with the virtuous human.

It is analogous to a Monopoly game, where the people born into “the establishment” are the bankers and rule makers.  Maybe one person in a million actually succeeds in this, corrupt and rigged, “Game of Life”, but generally it is designed for everyone to fail. We all work excessive hours that keep us so time consumed, that we will never have time to know the truth.  Each week we pass “GO” and receive our $200 which will invariably never be enough to enjoy this beautiful earth of which we are part.   It was gifted “free” and living here was “free” as is our “will”.  How we choose to live here is also our choice, however, we were roped into a demonic system in every way.

Each week we will dissect parts of the dying old earth, and speak of the corruption at length.  The purpose of this is to use it as a backdrop to the new way being developed or emerging from the ruins. The new way will be diametrically opposed to the old and will therefore sound “too good to be true”.  God’s way will sound like living in heaven compared to the Hell on earth, it has been. If you have not ever seen it as “Hell on Earth”- you definitely will when ALL is revealed, over the coming years.  ALL meaning 80% of the truth because 20% of the information is deemed by those with our best interests at heart, as too damaging to us.

I say, with ‘our best interests’ at heart, because up until now, information that was kept from us was not for ‘our best interests’, but rather it was for ‘their best interests’ in keeping money and power from the masses.

As we move toward the creation of a “New Earth”, we can witness a last ditch effort to keep information from the public, with Face Book and other Media outlets, censoring  anything that is too close to “the truth”. Of course it’s all done under the guise of “fact checkers”.

[Remembering that nearly all of the Media outlets have been infiltrated over the last 100s of years and are predominantly owned by 30 companies with direct links to what is known as the Cabal, the Deep State, Men in Dark Suits and so on. It specifically refers to up to 7 levels of operation that are established above Government and so most commonly called “the establishment”.

The deception runs so deep, from what we are being taught at school as factual that is not, to rewriting history. People and things who and which are clearly EVIL have been painted as humanitarians and good people have been discredited or assassinated.

Along the way inventions that would serve humanity were squashed and cures for illnesses were hidden. In fact, keeping people ill was one of their best business ideas.

Despite the doom and gloom that currently lies directly at our doorstep, the purpose of this blog series is to focus on what we can create now that the opportunity presents.

“The New Earth”

Without a comprehensive understanding of what we are leaving behind and how it happened, there is a chance of making the same mistakes. This is why it is important that each and every person feels the injustice and makes a conscious choice of “freedom for all “.

This blog is not the place to present all the evidence or research to you. There is so much out there and your own “knowing” will decipher the truth from the junk or the deception. The blog is to give you a very concise snapshot, together with strategies and information that will be useful toward your spiritual growth as we transform ourselves in congruence with the “New Earth”

If you are still reading then you are ready to face the music and be part of


Very Exciting Times Ahead

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