The World is Dividing in Front of our Eyes

The world is dividing in front of our eyes and most people are not only wearing WHO approved masks, but have opted for a matching blindfold.

Earlier, I talked about the different stories we each have playing in our heads about the current world situation, and how those beliefs and thoughts dictate our behaviour and that the most important thing we could do is to show compassion to one another so as to avoid a division.

Nevertheless, the division is so striking that I thought it would be important to share some thoughts on the topic.

For nearly thirty years, I have been interested in spirituality and been excited about the emerging of the New Consciousness. I worked on myself- utilising every occurrence, good or bad, as my spiritual teacher, striving always to learn higher or harder lessons about myself and/or the Universe. In 2017, I started this Blog to get the message out there and connect with likeminded, or more correctly awakening souls. Every opportunity that presented, I spoke of this New Consciousness.  I even remember, in 2018, being a panellist on a show called Sweet and Sour in Western Australia and the host, Gary Mitchell asked me;

“So when is it going to happen Tan- this new Consciousness you keep talking about?”

I remember laughing and thinking, “it’s happening now”, however, I responded with, “very soon”, because I figured if people were not aware, I would lose their interest if I said, “NOW”.

After the show, I posted a blog called, “The awakening happening on the planet NOW”.




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For the first time awakening is not a spiritual ideal but a human imperative. It will not only shape our future, but will affect every living organism on the plant. I have often referred to this time as “the greatest show on earth” of which we are all so privileged to be a part.

I believe there are many people who are living their lives, experiencing their human forms who want no involvement in this play-out. And there’s no problem with that- we were all born with a free will. Yet there are others who have chosen to be part of God’s plan and now is the time to rise to the occasion.  If you’re reading this post then you’re most likely one of those people.

So what is the big divide?

Spiritually it appears through humans to be the “Ego versus the Heart”. By Ego, I mean the identification with mind and the attachment to thoughts. It translates to “Freedom versus Control”.  It seems to be a case of differing ideologies with one group believing “you are in charge of your decision relating to you” versus “we will decide what’s best for you”. It’s like people are taking one of two sides. I see the difference reflected in their spiritual awareness. There are those people who know that they are not defined by their thoughts. They view their thoughts as separate to who “they are” as an individual. Differences are there to unite us as humans.  Then there is a second, currently larger group who believe that they are, (and indeed everyone, IS)-  defined by their thoughts.  If they deem ‘their thoughts’ to be superior then ”yes “, they should of course, take control, be in charge and make decisions for others. The differences in “thoughts processes” are cause for division.

I have even heard the most ridiculous accounts, by psychologists and other so called “specialists” on the mainstream radio and television describing people labelled as “conspiracy theorists” and people acting as advocates of freedom and truth, utilising half-baked psychological theories.

According to their accounts, these “truth seeking” people, who incidentally represent some of the most loving and awakened people I have met-are :

Filled with fear that is so immense that, they need to invent fantastical stories as a protective defence and a means of coping.



The mind stops-If you are not already in control of your thoughts, what a great opportunity right here!

The irony being that the people embracing these theories are, not far off, literally sitting in hazmat suits.

On another level of current happenings we see what represents, the final product of the human race having lost its connection to nature. It seems we have missed the lessons inherit in her innate intelligence and been blindfolded to the answers she holds for our future. The ego, which has its own evolutionary purpose, has stood in the way of our awakening and now it seems that we find ourselves in a very pivotal point in time. A time where the expanded consciousness is awakening to the corruption and greed upon which our society has been founded that has ultimately been aimed toward control at the expense of freedom. The lack of heart and disconnectedness is becoming evident.  In an earlier post I referred to this time as the invisible war- the war on consciousness.

There are so many layers to this emerging reality that it goes beyond anything we could possibly understand. Our destiny is unfolding and we are all part of this magnificent symphony. Where it ends- no one knows.  In front of us we see various pathways and we can all visualise the play-out of the differing options.

Many people are talking about a dystopian future, devoid of freedom.  Some people talk about a technocracy establishing itself behind the scenes with ultimate control of the masses being the goal.  Some people believe this oppression seems inevitable given the events currently unfolding. Others talk about a great opportunity created by the massive exposures currently taking place. As more greed and hypocrisy is being revealed within systems that were assumed to be founded on integrity and honesty, these people believe that, it begins to break the strength of the consciousness holding those structures together.

Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the old paradigm is disintegrating before our eyes and what will eventually be revealed will depend on every action or reaction we make from this point on.

We are not acting for ourselves.  The reformation taking place will affect the entire living world.

Even if the human race does not survive, nature will. Nature strives through “COOPERATION”. A lesson we “HUMANS” were slow to grasp. We as humans have failed to acknowledge that we are in partnership with every living entity on the planet. We have not learned how to serve.

Here on Tania’s Textbook, the journey has been predominantly focused on utilising our own life situation as an opportunity to awaken and live more consciously. We are micro- parts of the whole. Things happening in our world represent opportunities to discover the wisdom required for our own unique spiritual growth and further, very often reflect the collective. I haven’t met one single person recently, who is not feeling tension within relationships with significant others. Whether that is a boss, a current partner, an ex-partner, a family member, a friend or a loved-one, there seems to be a common denominator –it seems to be an egoic battle from which simply removing yourself is not the best option. These scenarios in which we feel engulfed, might involve a job you absolutely love, a partnership you wish to maintain and so on.

Here lies our greatest opportunity. We want the entire world to unite, yet we are finding impossible to deal with this ONE PERSON. We cannot find middle ground with this ONE PERSON. This ONE PERSON is not allowing us even 5% of the ground.  There seems to be nothing we can do about THIS ONE PERSON. We are in a hard place because THIS ONE PERSON is in our way, obstructing, what otherwise would be a great situation.  Sound familiar?

It is not easy to deal with injustice, face chaos and sit amongst uncertainty.

However, NOW is the time to rise to the challenge and transmute the entire negative, dark, and lower vibrational energies into the higher vibrational frequencies of love and light.  These energies within THIS ONE PERSON- invariably will exist within you too. If these energies did not exist within you, then you would never trigger or feel the indignation, so common amongst people nowadays.

The Truth will set you free and your compassion will help us to collectively rise into greater Peace through Love. It will not be smooth because if it is a higher truth or order you seek, then the old one must completely deteriorate so as to create the space for a stronger, higher replacement.

The process of rebuilding will involve a level of chaos- out of which I believe we will see the new system rise.

We will inevitably, witness the crumbling of the old structures, however, as the “new” is rising from the bottom-up, out of this chaos, we may not see it until it has arrived.

Spiritual Masters have taught us to “be the change we want” and I believe that the return of the CHRIST is through Consciousness and we are being called to be Christ-Like.

So if you are a follower of “Tanias’s Textbook” then your challenge is to:

Seek wisdom, teach by example and love everyone, forgiving those who know not what they do.

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