The Year 2018

Being a New Year there are many interpretations on what 2018 will entail. Most Astrologers will tell you that it is the year of 3 things: Change, change and change. Energy Workers like Lee Harris tell us that 2017 was about internal rearrangement in preparation for the change and transformation that is to happen in 2018.

For me this makes a lot of sense because last year I spent a lot of time telling my family that many of the patterns in which we lived were exhausted and needed to change. I can even recall saying that, “I did not want to take these old patterns into 2018.”

In 2018, it will be easier than ever to get rid of ways that don’t serve us anymore and replace them with new ways.

“Out with the Old and in with the New”

Lee Harris talks about, 2018 being a Year of Fire and Action with most of us already feeling the intensity building up. I will say that for many people with whom I interact, I can see this already taking shape in their lives.

Many of you may find this fire unfortunately take place via a spectacular blow up within a particular relationship, with small differences suddenly seeming irreconcilable or a situation becoming, or seeming to become, completely out of hand. It may even be that patterns that were irritating between couples or individuals within a relationship,  are now brought to the fore to be resolved.

And that resolution will be to either make internal change or physical separation. In other words, when the fire hits, or the situation intensifies and erupts -action will need to be taken either internally or physically, resulting in a completely NEW and REFRESHED way.

Tania’s Textbook is essentially a life coaching Blog, providing strategies and suggestions, together with, alternate perspectives and ways of viewing our problems, all aiming toward happiness. So if somewhere in 2018, you find yourself facing an eruption in your relationship, I will give you a few pointers.

If you have decided in 2018 that the relationship MUST end, you’ve had enough, this is finally it- then this may well be the case. Yet for others, although this will feel like the case, your heart might be thinking a little differently and saying that this seems like the answer but it doesn’t seem right.

I believe that 2018 is the year when we will shift more into our heart zone and our relationships will no longer be driven by expectations and needs. We will recognise that people should feel free to choose to be with us. We need to less manage our partner’s and our expectations of them, and manage ourselves; our anger, resentment, expectations and cravings. We need to re-align with the Divine.

In an earlier post, I talked about building resentment toward your partner because a behaviour or set of behaviours you are seeking are not being delivered. Your partner them projects resentment back and you find yourself in an unloving environment for no apparent reason. Then you find yourself living in an environment in which an emotional divorce has taken place even if a physical one has not. Many women may flee this situation wanting to be rescued by their Prince Charming.

As I once heard a Buddhist Nun say, “There are no Prince Charmings, only Humans” and “Women don’t need to be rescued”. In fact, the craving for romance is a craving for intensity and the type of search that will leave us in an unhappy relationship.

Of course our perceptions and desires are shaped by our learning experiences and what we have passively consumed. Every DVD aimed at little girls be it Bratz or Barbie has a happy ever after with a Prince Charming.

Now needless to say, there are deal breakers in relationships but let’s turn to the real world with real human beings. Before you leave your partner, look at both sides- take a good look at their side and then the OUTSIDE.

Will their set of annoying habits only be  replaced with a different set of annoying habits?

What I am suggesting here is: are you able to drop resentment, expectation, and control and replace it with compassion? Are you able to suspend your emotions and anger, and rise above the situation and take responsibility for it’s creation at any level?  Maybe see how you may be fuelling the situation? We all have a mental picture of how everything should work and that includes the partner playing their part. Is it YOUR PICTURE and is your partner not playing their part according to your goal or destination?

In other words, I am implying that if you bring Spirit into the equation, you will not only improve your physical and mental health, but also your relationship.

Through out the year of 2018 Tania’s Textbook will provide strategies for working toward presence.

Although I have deviated and focused on how “fire” and “action” in 2018 is playing out for some couples, there are many with whom I have interacted that have found this change playing out in their friends zones. Many people will find they are being more selective about the company they chose to keep, opting for more uplifting and positive liaisons.

It seems that in 2018 for any volatile relationship, be it couples or father-son or daughter for example, we are needing to take action to minimise future eruptions and the choice is either physical distance or changes within motivated by heart energy.

There are many Astrologers that talk about the Change in 2018 being in the realignment with your highest authenticity. In other words, the change will be reflected for many as they align with their mission and purpose. If this is more your reality then Tania’s Textbook will in 2018 assist you in shedding light on this path by providing you with the questions you should be asking yourself to decipher what it is you should be doing: “Finding your Destiny”.

So however the change in 2018 manifests for you as we say on Tania’s Textbook:

The Journey of Life starts with YOU!
Photography by MDH
  • Sumita
    Posted at 15:04h, 14 January Reply

    👍…. best blog … I am ready to face the change in 2018.

    In my heart I know it is all really good changes …. helping me get on the path I should be on. 💓

  • Marie Patiniotis
    Posted at 16:01h, 14 January Reply

    Glad not to be in an empty relationship at present ! X

  • Annette
    Posted at 22:04h, 14 January Reply

    What a fantastic blog…it rings so true but also gives so much hope especially with this advice that we can change find a way…to change our patterns within our relationships and ourselves..

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