Walk It Out – Work It Out

Throughout the journey of Life we will often be faced with huge problems that seem to us like a challenge to “work out”. We all get that overwhelming, heavy feeling of, “where do I even start?” Very often, it is associated with a very sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.   As soon as you find yourself feeling this way, put on your runners and head to the nearest park. Let your problem be diminished by the awareness that YOU ARE.  Now that you are in the park – you will notice that there is nothing to add to this wonderful expression of nature.  Time now to just “Walk it out”.

If you prefer on account of the time of day or proximity to a park then you can alternatively, “Work it Out”.  That means set your full attention to cleaning the house or any other activity that you consider to be menial and constitutes as “work”.

Decide for the duration of the task at hand that you will “switch off” and absorb yourself in your work, like it’s the only thing in life you need to do.  Your entire universe is you and the work you are doing, right here, right now.

This will give your mind a clean slate of clarity.

You will become clearer about how or where to start. You will identify the things that need to be addressed and how it is to be done.

At the very least, you will know where to start.

Photography by Iggy Kreutz
  • Annette
    Posted at 13:31h, 09 October Reply

    I’ll definitely give this a try, good advice.

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 13:42h, 18 December Reply


  • Rouchelle
    Posted at 02:06h, 15 October Reply

    I tried this after a stressful day … the walk really calm be down and centered me. I will do this more often.

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 13:35h, 18 December Reply

      So glad to hear this Rouchelle.

  • Victoria Delbreck
    Posted at 13:00h, 23 October Reply

    Very informative And enjoyable to read…
    I will definitely give everything you suggest a try.
    Love your book and love your blog …
    Keep them coming

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 13:24h, 18 December Reply

      Thankyou Victoria- yes there will be some very exciting material presented in some unique ways in 2018. Stay tuned!

  • Marie Patiniotis
    Posted at 14:11h, 27 October Reply

    Great reading Tania x

    • Tania Van Zijl
      Posted at 13:19h, 18 December Reply

      Thanks Marie!

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