We are all ONE

In an unsettled world, with many narratives about what is happening and our so-called “differences” causing divisions, I thought it might be useful to add more to the topic of ‘the great divide’– Never before have I seen so much emphasis on our differences and the chaos being attributed to our inability to accept these differences. In light of a push to view us as separate, I thought it might be useful to remember that:

We are all ONE

WE are ALL “consciousness” experiencing itself through a human form.

The human form which is our vessel or temporary vehicle, for “the consciousness that we are”, comes in a variety of packages, be it: male, female, black, white, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Gay, transsexual, amongst many others.

Consequently, “the consciousness that we are” is experiencing and expressing itself via varying viewpoints through this human form in which it very temporarily dwells. So this unique expression of life that we represent is experiencing a ‘very small band of the world’ from one angle of our infinite sea of possibilities.

The world, which “the consciousness that we are” experiences is limited by the instrumentation that comes with this human form. In other words, we cannot hear sounds that are outside of our auditory system’s capability. Other beings in different forms like dogs, with auditory systems that can detect these sounds do hear them. So many sounds, colours, entities, possibilities exist – yet our unique experience of an infinite universe depends on the package we have embodied and the instrumentation with which the human form has been equipped.

The consciousness that we are” is slowly awakening within this form, and we are all at our own unique stage in this process.

When the physical dwelling expires, the consciousness which always is and always will be- remains (with no vehicle of expression).

So tell me AGAIN- how are we different?

  • Annette Spano
    Posted at 18:31h, 21 June Reply

    Well said – it could have the power to teach us to love one another, then differences are more likely to be accepted.

  • Yvette Phatouros
    Posted at 21:30h, 21 June Reply

    The “woke”need to wake and realise 2+2 does not equal 5 🤔

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