What does ‘Happiness’ look like?

Last  time I posted I talked about “The Goal of Life”.  The aim of the post was to direct readers to the existence of an ‘inner state of being’.  Discovering and connecting with this is, for lack of better words, “discovering the Spiritual Dimension”.  I received many private comments; however, none of them were what I expected. Every comment was about the photo I posted – and that I looked a bit depressed- not my usual happy self.  The photo was taken without my knowledge and I was in fact, looking for shells and really enjoying the moment.

Happiness is not always an outward expression and sometimes people we thought were very happy, we find out later were actually deeply disturbed. Recently, I was invited to join a panel whereby people write in and panel members respond to each letter with advice or opinions. You can watch the show [HERE]

In response to one viewer’s letter about marriage and happiness, I commented that marriage will not bring you happiness. I said that happiness was an inside job- an internal affair. I said happiness is something you need to find for yourself and a partner is someone with whom you share your happiness.

I further commented that marriage was a perfect forum to assist in dissolving the “ego” which is our barrier to finding our inner dimension- the source of true happiness. Marriage forces us to move from our head space to our heart space. We need to let go of “being right”- let go of “our intelligent mind” which feels it needs to defend us when an injustice surfaces. In order for a marriage to be successful we are required at times to: Let go of all mental stances and just- “be and let things be”.

We find everything passes and is replaced sometimes by a deeper understanding.

Tania’s Textbook is about happiness. It’s a journey to self-discovery. Irrespective of what the world tells us will make us happy, every week, each post will bring you back to the real source of happiness:



Photography by MDH
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