“Why is All This Crap Happening to ME?”- you ask

It’s been some time since I last posted. My life has been going through some major transformations. From an outer perspective looking in, it would seem to most of the people around me that nothing at all has changed. Yet to me, and probably to a few with whom I am very close, my greatest challenges and upheavals have been met.

Giving the issues and challenges that seem to arise out of nothingness, your time and attention appears to be paramount to successfully moving to a new way of operating. It is like we are all opening up to a new way of being, and in order to do this- many unconscious patterns that have been allowed to play in the background-have hit a wall and erupted.

It may have manifested for you in relationship issues, health problems or it may have even manifested as an attack on your mental well-being or your financial stability. For some, you might be experiencing what seems like an attack on a few of these areas whilst for others, it may be the case that ALL of these houses seem to be under attack simultaneously.

Many of the disturbances may have happened between people with whom you have been very close and you may be shocked at their behaviour, your response or even the triviality of it all.

Does any of this resonate with you?

For me- even my blogging needed to take the back seat for a while. In fact whether or not, blogging still fitted in with my new circumstances was indeed a question.

It seems that massive transformations are occurring for all people with whom I speak, counsel, or befriend. Yet when we get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the matter- it’s all inward based. By this I mean; the only real change happening is that which is within YOU. In fact the only way “out of” the pain or the suffering is to become aware of the unconsciousness surrounding all the players including yourself- and allow a space to grow within you that arises from your complete acceptance of “THEY WAY THINGS ARE” and “THE WAY PEOPLE OPERATE”.

The depth of it continues.

You feel like the victim right? Like it’s completely unjust yet either these people are very close to you or, that which seems to be under attack is very important, so you have to find a way-, however, there doesn’t seem to be one without feeling like you are diminishing yourself. How much more do you need to shrink yourself? You may be asking.

The answer is COMPLETELY.

These transformations seem to have us asking ourselves these questions and feeling the tug of war between: “letting go” – a semi surrender to the injustice on the one hand, AND then “reminding ourselves of the injustice”-and thinking, ‘how dare they?’, on the other. The battle between the spirit and the mind it seems. [There is a picture on pg 58 of my book “The Spiritual Dimension” that completely encapsulates this concept]

And if you don’t get it the first time you might find yourself in EXACTLY the same situation, however, this time with different players or circumstances UNTIL you have NO CHOICE. Well you always have a choice; it’s just now –that the inward path of diminishment seems the easiest one to choose.

So you take the plunge! Actually it feels like you are thrown into an ocean without a raft.

WE are in an unknown territory now. A place where defending our position of truth seems to make things worse for us and so we have to allow everyone else’s version of the truth to prevail, even if it diminishes us unjustifiably.

Maybe this feeling resonates with you?

Well firstly the good news is- YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Many of you are taking this plunge or being pushed in this direction.

On a global level too, many energy workers, or those involved in more spiritually focused fields, are talking about 2020 being the year of big shifts and outward transformations. There is a huge focus on releasing intensified emotions that have been stored away.

For me and others it feels more like, letting everyone be and standing tall irrespective of anyone’s opinion or behaviour toward you. They are entitled to it. Remember too- it belongs to them. So any negativity attached to that opinion or behaviour is also theirs for the taking.

This new place in which you have emerged suddenly feels pretty good. Not so hard after all. I used the words “standing tall” because despite entering this space via possibly the point of “accepting diminishment”, the exact reverse has happened. Something has grown within you that makes you feel 10 feet tall.

You seem to have become more and what may have been resentment or anger toward the people who have mistreated or misjudged you or toward their lack of insight that has motivated their behaviour, or toward the circumstances that have unfolded- is slowly changing too. Suddenly we have a new found understanding of the word “COMPASSION”- that we’ve heard the Dalai Lama hint toward over and over. Compassion is slowly seeping in to fill that space

Now there is no space for timidness either. A new assertive way is emerging as new patterns of relationships establish. Some require more space, whilst other will operate under different dynamics. There is nothing to prove and no one to prove it to. The only opinion that matters is your own. Not in a stubborn, I am superior way. In a bold, we are all equal, non-judgemental, accepting way. Suddenly you’re feeling really comfortable-



So if you find yourself asking, “why is all this crap happening to me?”

Remember that you are being forced to raise your vibration.

Lucky YOU!

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