The TRUTH is a Lonely Path

Last week we commenced a current series relating to “The New Earth”. I provided a very concise spiritual snapshot of our point in time on this plane. A picture we will explore in depth each week over the months to come.

Readers of Tania’s Textbook Blog would be awakening to the play out of long standing Universal Deceit.

Despite it being obvious to some, it seems the majority are still falling victims to the mainstream narrative. Very early in 2020 I posted this comment on my Facebook:

“When you AWAKEN to what is really going on-you may realise that the corona virus is the least of our problems right now.

What is actually happening behind this guise is a NIGHTMARE.”

This message was not well received so in April I posted:

“For many years, I have talked about the New Consciousness and the Great Awakening of 2020. I even started a blog to get this message out. Now at Easter we are witnessing the rebirth. Nature is healing, the collective consciousness is raising and the hidden agenda (evil) of the deep state of the world is being exposed.

 The Plan-demic is giving rise to the truth, the very thing it aimed to suppress.”

To my surprise, this message was still not well received.  Many more of my friends started to turn away.

I decided that a better way to awaken one’s critical thinking was by focusing on the right to free speech. In accordance with this strategy, I posted this comment above a Face Book post that was deleted as it was not in line with the narrative being pushed and supported by the Company:

“Every person has a right to free speech- I believe when Facebook deletes every reference to this video or any connection between COVID-19 and 5G or save the children then it becomes a MUST WATCH! In paraphrasing George Orwell, “In Times Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is An Act of Resistance.”

Now this time, not only were my post met with disapproval but I was now receiving comments of attack that even became personal. Even when I posted a picture of myself at a ‘March for Freedom’, holding a sign reading “The Great Awakening”, I had people who had never commented on my posts come in just to express their utmost disapproval of my actions. I have never left anything but positive and uplifting comments on people’s posts but now when I spread the message of “love” and “peace” I am being labelled a “racist” amongst many other things.  Even last weekend, when I posted a picture of my support for the path of Freedom (see above), it seemed I upset someone who preferred to stay in her bubble, and came into my post, for the first time ever, to argue the point.

My next planting of the seeds of truth was attempted by drawing one’s attention to the expanding of the Universal consciousness- so I posted on Facebook:

 “We will need to EXPAND OUR WAY OUT. The Great Awakening is the Revelation. What will be revealed will be devastating to those who are not prepared.  Life is like a battery with a positive and negative side- ONLY NOW THE POSITIVE SIDE WILL TAKE CONTROL.”

Now I know that many of you reading this post would have experienced very similar treatment from your friends and family. Many of you will be laughing and wanting to hi- 5 me right now.

I am well aware that “The New Earth” has indeed arrived. For us to ensure that we don’t fall back into the same patterns we all need to consciously choose ‘righteousness” and we have to make our search for “the truth” our number one priority. It’s time to acknowledge “Our Creator” and choose the way of the light. This is the reason that much that has taken place has yet to be revealed to the public because it needs to be chosen by the people.  We need to search for the truth and vote on the future of our Earth. This choice is being made at the next Election of the President of the United States. Here, the people in the United States are choosing not only the future of their country but that of the world.

In my very last attempt to plant a seed of awakening, I posted this statement on my Face Book:

 “It is not too late to change your mind about Donald Trump. The year 2020 will not go down in history as the year of Corona virus- it will be remembered as the year we saved the children.  

Awakening is no longer a spiritual ideal- it is a human imperative!”

Now by this stage, all but a very few awakened souls, completely left.

So my message to those of you who are still reading is “the truth is a lonely path.

In the current world, the truth has always been hidden from plain sight. It has always been something we needed to learn as it was never told. Particularly in the media, which has historically been supportive of a less righteous agenda. An agenda that has predominantly kept us in a Left- Brain existence with little scope for movement to our more creative and Godly Right- Side. Hopefully as we transgress to a New Earth together we can move toward a truth focused reality that holds humanity as it’s highest priority.

So as we embark on this road together, remember at this point we are few.

As we keep our vibrations high, we pave the way and shine the light for others to join us as we enter a place of goodly, Godly righteousness. A place with no judgement. A place where we instantly apologise for our mistakes when we realise we have faulted, yet expect no apologies from others whether or not, they are aware of their wrong doing.  A place of love and light.

You are becoming this love, you are becoming this light.

In this search for the truth, I can guarantee you that it will feed your soul and fill you like nothing on this earth can.

You are about to witness the Greatest Show on Earth. There is nothing to Fear.



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