Kindness Matters

Last week we spoke about  how being ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ is a perspective.  Acting on your mental stance will have consequences whether or not, you are deemed to be ‘right’.

We determined that by reviewing the consequences of your actions, you might find that you actually STOP yourself from making your biggest mistake ever- whether or not you consider in your mind to have been right or wrong.  See last week’s Blog [HERE].   I wanted to add to this idea of being “Right”.

Earlier in this journey  [HERE],   we talked about how one of the biggest mistakes that people make in relationships is to “SEEK JUSTICE”.  We talked about how letting go of the little things in the scheme of the larger picture by thinking with your heart, is more conducive to a loving, happy relationship.  I said:

Learning to be kind and not right is a way that seems to be less travelled but leads to greater happiness. Everyone is right or feels right from their perception, whether clouded by emotions or past hurts. Yet kindness travels through all emotional blocks and speaks all languages.

I have watch many people arguing or in heated discussions and what I see over and over is each person trying to be right.

For this week I would like everyone to ask themselves: “Is it more important to be RIGHT or is it more important to be KIND?”  Sometimes when you find yourself in a heated moment, just ask yourself: “Is it more important to be right or on this occasion would it be more important to exercise kindness?’’

At the end of the day people remember KINDNESS.  I have been to many funerals for some very worthy souls.  I have heard people say:

“He was a good man- he was always so KIND”

I have NEVER heard:

“He was a good man- he was always so right”

Kindness is the transcendent dimension that will remain when you have moved on- not 'being right'.
Photography by MDH and Fagun Mishra
  • Sumita Singh
    Posted at 20:35h, 04 July Reply

    I will always remember that … sometimes I get so involved in the fight I forget to be kind… and then live in regret what I said.

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