Are you feeling stuck? – What does it mean for you?

Are  you feeling a little bit stuck? Maybe a little lost? Or do you feel like you have 100 projects or unfinished jobs bombarding you simultaneously and you are struggling to attend to, and complete them. You are probably also feeling that there is a sense of urgency about having these many agendas addressed and these goals achieved.

I am talking about the successful completion of goals that vary from personal goals like establishing an exercise regime to physical goals like finally finding a product or a method to address one or more physical concerns. You may also be experiencing great uncertainty or movement and change in your work-place and at the same time making huge changes at your house. You may also find some of your relationships may be exploding and the issues you need to address are finally coming to light. Simultaneously whilst some relationships are being challenged, you may find others are being miraculously restored. And whilst attending to all this a few unforeseen mishaps are thrown into the cocktail – like burst pipes in your home- to totally throw you into chaos.

If this sounds even slightly familiar then you are certainly not alone.

At the beginning of the year,[HERE], we spoke about the year 2018 being a year of CHANGE, CHANGE, and CHANGE. Out with the old and in with the new. We were going to witness huge upheavals whilst our old less conscious ways were being replaced with higher vibrational behaviour and patterns that served our more conscious selves. Old energy patterns were not going to be taken into 2019.

Energy workers tell us that in December we will receive large bursts of energy from the cosmos to help complete these tasks. Right now, even though you feel bombarded- you probably feel like you are, at the same time, making huge progress in your desired direction. Your creative self is probably flowing, and you have more energy than ever, yet you find yourself “STUCK” amidst chaos.

So if you can see yourself in this scenario – then you are at a profound point of completion, and new beginnings  are opening up that will serve your spiritual growth.

GOOD NEWS – it’s all part of the plan!

It’s all happening in perfect synchrony – help is arriving right on time and you can see little success stories popping out of the mess. Even the worst happenings have a silver lining!

Astrologically the Year 2019 will bring new hopes, dreams and aspirations. In the year 2019 we will have the opportunity to become more focussed and more joyous.

However, when we assign tasks or projects to ourselves and they remain unfinished, we stay energetically connected to them and they weigh on us and drain our energy. This prevents us from feeling free and joyous. It further does not help us to focus.

So spiritually we are being hastened and energised to complete these tasks or projects- so we are not weighed down in 2019. The chaos is integral because only out of chaos can we stablish a higher order. If we are visualising or dreaming a new reality then the chaos will pole vault us toward this end.

So the main questions now are: How do you make sense of it all? and How do you deal with it?

Firstly, you won’t be able to make any sense out of it –so don’t try. It is more of a lesson in acceptance. The key to spiritual growth is to accept and trust. You are now being taught to accept. Things are happening way too fast for mental commentaries and complaints- and the positive light or silver lining is helping us to trust in the Divine. So we are shifting toward a new way. Even though the outer world is rapidly reshaping and becoming more disorganised and chaotic- we are internally becoming more peaceful.

This brings me to the second question of how to deal with it all.

And that is by staying in the moment.

If anyone needs a pictorial navigation to the state of mind that is “present” or “conscious” or “mindful”, I have written a book called; “The Spiritual Dimension” which you can obtain from pressing the button on the right side of my blog posts.

The book is useful for people who don’t want to be bogged down by words, yet want to experience the state of ‘presence’. We are constantly being told that we need to be mindful or conscious, yet many of you will want to know what this really means. Some of you will benefit from a guided navigation to this state, as it is not a state you can attain by thinking about it. Quite the contrary, it is an experience or a state where thinking ceases or you go above thought. The book uses pictures to explain complex psychological or spiritual structures so it is ideal for people who learn by example. It is particularly good for those whose learning style is right-brain dominant.  In other words, the book is very beneficial for those who learn by being “shown” not “told”.  Very often a picture speaks 1000 words.

“The Spiritual Dimension” is designed to lead you, via pictures, to a state where you have reduced thoughts or where your attention is not absorbed into thought.  A state in which your focus is more on your inner being.

It is now more important than ever to strengthen and connect with this state because it will allow for new solutions to arise that will hasten the completion of the goals and projects to which you are still energetically connected:

Preparing you to move toward your New Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations in 2019.


Photography by MDH
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