Tania’s Textbook Turns 2- Promotion

Tania’s Textbook originated 2 years ago as a journey.

A journey whereby we utilise our everyday occurrences as an avenue toward our spiritual awakening.

In other words, whenever you feel any negative emotion like stress, anger, impatience or fear then maybe you could pause for a moment and be aware of the emotions you feel.  Being aware then gives you an opportunity to understand why you are feeling a certain way and then possibly have a choice in your reaction.

Because ultimately it is your reaction that will deem that event to be positive or negative.

Living more consciously is our goal on Tania’s Textbook.

Two years later and we now have thousands of followers from all around the Globe.

As a “THANK YOU” Tania’s Textbook is running a promotion. Over the years, I have received numerous requests about private counselling.  In accordance with this request, 3000 people will receive a flyer that entitles them to “half price private counselling”.  Unfortunately only people in Western Australia will be able to participate.

So if you receive a flyer and would like to deepen your connection with ‘being’ then give me a call.

Or you can just call me to say:



Photography by MDH and Fagun Mishra
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