The Future of Counselling and Life Coaching

I t has been some time since I last posted. As we are winding down from the last promotion, I have some exciting news for many people that might like or need some coaching to help them reach their “happy town”, however, do not live in the vicinity to have utilised the “half-price” promotion.

Very soon you will be able to book life coaching or counselling  sessions with me, directly from this website.

I have attended many seminars and webinars lately in relation to the future of counselling.  What is it people want? How do people want to receive guidance?

If you take a moment to picture ourselves like cars on a journey.  We are all driving our vehicles to “our” Happy Town. Occasionally our vehicles break down and this could be for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it is an emotional blockage that may need some  wisdom to be discovered, in order for the block to be released. Sometimes we need someone to realign us to our values and purpose.  Sometimes we need a little motivation or a “jump start” .  Sometimes we need a few pointers or to sort out our thoughts.  At the end of the day- if your not in Your Happy Town then somewhere along the way, your vehicle stopped and you might just need a Life Coach to get you back on the road again.

What was interesting to me was how life coaching and counselling is changing and growing.  In fact, Life Coaching is the third fastest growing job field. It seems many people have not reached their happy town.  Although, it mainly says to me  that, the value to one’s life, in having some coaching and assistance along their journey, is fast being realised.  Needless to say, as a Life Coach who has witnessed people change their lives literally in front of my eyes, I am so happy that it is finally being understood that money can only make your outer world more pleasant.  It cannot change the the pleasantness of your inner being.  A better class of misery as we’ve all heard people say. So it is finally being acknowledged that your best investment is in “YOU”.

Also interesting is that it seems to be a case of, OUT with the meeting in an office or in the Life Coach’s lounge, and IN with the “you come to me” or better still “call me!”.

People don’t want to be bothered with making appointments, getting ready and driving to an office and waiting to be called in.  Then add to this, sitting in an unfamiliar environment and discussing their deepest and sometimes darkest truths. Nor do they want to sit with the Life Coach in their lounge.  They might possibly want me or any other counsellor to travel to them and sit in their lounge room. Above all, however, they want to receive their life coaching-in the comfort of their own home, in their pyjamas and over the phone.

So according to YOU ALL-  The Future of Life Coaching is over the phone!

It seems to be the way we are moving in many fields. For example, many people like a good restaurant meal and similarly want to eat it in the comfort of their own home and in their PJs, and so UBER Eats was born, together with MENULOG and the list is ever increasing.

Life Coaching is now going this way and Tania’s Textbook is on board!

Each week or two, I will still post articles to assist you on your journey, however, there will also be the introduction of a simple booking system for those seeking more specialised coaching.

Until next time

Stay focused, stay conscious and think with your heart!


Photography by MDH
  • Rouchelle Wykes
    Posted at 00:35h, 27 October Reply

    Tania you are an amazing coach and your book has helped so many People … it is the BEST Christmas gift ???… thank you

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